When UIs attack

Here’s a good example of how NOT to design the login UI of a web app. The name of this app has been changed to protect the innocent. :devious:

The login screen tries to be radical by placing the Clear button on the left of the screen, and the OK button on the right. To spice things up, the buttons are labelled in English and French, together. So instead of “OK”, you get wordy buttons saying “OK – Envoyer”.

After logging in, you get a useless dialog about when your last successful login was. Whee. You must click a graphic that says “OK” to get past this screen. (No more “Envoyer” silliness here!)

You are now given a screen with three options, only one of actual use to you: Ordering. Once clicked, you see another link, “ABC Viewer” (also the only option available).

After logging in, it should load the app right away. Everything else is redundant. And the