About this Site

What is Silentblue.net?

Silentblue.net houses my weblog, called Quantified. Silentblue.net was created on July 7th, 2003.

What is Quantified?

Quantified is a web journal, well before web journals came into fashion and everyone started calling them "blogs".

Quantified is not a private diary. Remember, reality is coloured by perception. Perception becomes truth. I’ve always tried to observe with unbiased eyes, but one thing holds true: I call them as I see them.

It’s my trains of thought, with musings and sober observations alike. There will be personal matters, but there’ll be self-censorship too. We all have our secrets.

How was this site created?


  • Graphics: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11
  • Colour Management: A small freeware app called ColorCop
  • Coding: Notepad++ text editor
  • Browser: Mozilla Firefox


My Rig – "Satori"

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

2GB DDR2-6400 DRAM (Dual channel)

ATI Radeon HD4850

Windows Vista SP1

My Camera

Canon Powershot SD870 (8.1 megapixel)

Web Hosting
The Silentblue.net website is served by Apache and PHP running on Linux.